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Seven Tips in Getting Cheap Student Car Insurance


It is undeniable that drivers between seventeen and twenty years old have higher insurance rates than older individuals. This is because this age group is more likely to get into traffic accidents than adults are. The costs of education can already be too much to handle; adding insurance premiums to one’s monthly expenses can be a real dread. Nevertheless, you should know that you can get cheap student car insurance if you follow these basic guidelines.

1.      Get multiple vehicle coverage. If your parents or guardians have vehicle insurance, it is possible to ask them to include your vehicle so that you can save big amounts of cash. A combined premium is paid instead of two regular premiums.

2.      Insure a used vehicle. Face it, you do want to drive a car that is going to get the attention of everyone, but brand new models have the highest premiums. If you want to save money on insurance, it is necessary to insure a less expensive vehicle. You would not only assure cheap student car insurance rates, you can also alleviate the chances of car theft.

3.      Secure your vehicle. Insurers are concerned about where you keep a vehicle. If you keep it in an unprotected and unsecured place, you may be charged high premiums; but if you keep a car in a place that is less prone to theft and vandalism, an insurer may provide the discounts you need.

4.      Finish safety driving courses. As mentioned, your age group is more prone to being involved in traffic accidents. One way to assure insurers that you are a different driver is through finishing safety driving courses. There are a lot of courses given to student drivers to ensure that they know the rules of the road. With such courses, you can enjoy discounts and get cheap student car insurance.

5.      Keep your driving record clean. If you have not made a claim in three years, you have a clean driving record. Insurance companies do give discounts to students who have good driving history. Ask your insurer about this.

6.      Get good grades. There are some insurers who give special privileges to students with good grades. This may be a way to entice students with good performance in school to buy their insurance from them. Nevertheless, if you do well in school, you can take advantage of this opportunity.

7.      Shop for different quotes. There are at least a hundred insurers to buy student car insurance from. You have to compare insurance rates before finally purchasing a policy from an insurer.