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Lessons in Student Car Insurance


Regardless of your status as a driver, getting an automobile insurance is never really that easy. For students, however, the process is undoubtedly harder. For starters, there are several requirements that they have to meet. However, what really prevent many college students from getting their student car insurance is the costs involved.

A typical premium for a student car insurance can reach thousands of dollars but this will depend on several factors. These include the car type and model involved, the student’s location, and his driving history. Regardless of these factors, the premium costs alone can be too high for many students to handle, especially since many of them do not have regular jobs.

Gender and age also play crucial roles in many insurance applications of students. For example, male student drivers who are 25 years old and below will likely get charged higher insurance premiums. Statistics indicate that these student types will often get involved in speeding and drunk driving cases. This makes them highly vulnerable to getting involved in auto collision accidents. This is something that practically all insurance companies avoid. Hence, they have higher premium rates for students.

Admittedly, such conclusions are not really fair to many students. After all, there are some in their group who have good driving credentials regardless of their age and gender. Some can even prove themselves more responsible than most adult drivers.

To help students bid for lower premiums in their student car insurance applications, there are various and simple driving tips that they can consider. First among these tips is high GPA’s. Not too many students realize this, but many insurance companies actually see high student grade averages as a good indication that the applicant will be a responsible driver.

Completing driving courses is likewise a good indication of the responsibility level that you possess as students. The course not only certifies your driving prowess, it also confirms your understanding about basic traffic rules and regulations.

Upon completing your driving course, the next step is choosing your car. The choice you make can also affect your insurances chances. As a student, it is always better to settle for inexpensive vehicles. Choosing luxury cars will involve higher repair costs in case road accidents happen. This is not a good way to get lower premiums.

Lastly, try not to use your car more frequently than you have to. The temptation to go out with your car and have fun can often be too hard to resist, especially for a young and carefree student. Less car usage, however, reduces your chances of meeting road mishaps. Conversely, this increases your chances of getting your student car insurance approved.