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How to Get Low Cost Student Car Insurance


Students confront a great deal of challenges, including tuition fees, maintaining an impressive academic standing, work, rents, and relationships. They also face the challenges of having student car insurance. For one, getting one is a scary decision due to the tremendous amount of money involved. This is a fact since most insurance providers see students as high-risk drivers, one of the major reasons for high premium costs.

Automobile insurance companies are hard on students because this group of drivers is loaded with money. Providers justify their high cost premiums by explaining that students have higher possibilities of getting involved in road accidents because of their lack of experience behind the wheel. On the other hand, experienced drivers generally get discounts because they are safer and more careful drivers. However, it does not mean that this industry does not give discounts on student auto insurance.

There are a lot of ways to obtain a low cost student car insurance. Use your research and critical thinking skills when asking and comparing quotes from various insurers. You may need to set up a meeting with a friend’s or family’s agent or get quotes online. You will find plenty of user-friendly sites that return good offers on the web.

However, your research does not end in comparing, you also have to review them and choose a company that offers a package that best suits all your needs. Here is one helpful tip, actually, it’s common sense: Collect as many quotes as possible, compare and examine them, and decide which is the best offer.

Some insurers look positively on students who consistently have good academic standing. They give youngsters discounts because they are perceived by providers as responsible persons behind the wheel. Automobiles you drive is also an important factor. If you have a high-end SUV or a high maintenance race car, cost of your student car insurance may skyrocket due to higher maintenance costs and risk of accident and theft. Get a low maintenance car or a basic car instead, if you have tight insurance budget.

Many student drivers try to save cost by riding on their parents’ existing policies. The advantage of piggy riding is that it will provide coverage at a much cheaper cost than riding on an existing policy where rates are higher than regular automobile insurance by 50%.

Another way to get low cost student car insurance is to change your driving classification from a frequent driver to an occasional driver. If you go to your school or workplace far from home and your school and workplace haven efficient transportation systems, consider leaving your car at home and use it occasionally.