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How To Get Huge Discounts On Your Student Car Insurance


Paying for a student car insurance policy can be quite a burden especially if you only have limited money in the bank. Of course, you can always ask mom and dad for help when it comes to paying for student car insurance premiums, but then again, asking money from your parents all the time can be quite embarrassing. Besides, your parents may not have enough money to help you out every time you are in some financial bind. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce insurance cost and save some money. To help get discounts on student car insurance premiums, here is what you need to do.

First, maintain good grades. There are a number of insurers who are willing to reward students for their outstanding academic performance so make sure that you get good grades. No, there is no need to get straight A’s for discounts on your student car insurance. Most insurers are happy to give B students discounts. To get that much needed discount, bring your report card along when you apply for auto insurance.

Second, drive less. One of the best ways to reduce insurance cost is to drive less. Try not to use your car unless you absolutely have to.  If you live within the school campus, use a bicycle or walk to your destination.  Not only will you be able to save money on gas and insurance premiums, but when you use a bicycle or simply walk to your destination within the campus, you also help reduce air pollution by burning less fossil fuel. Just think about how much you can contribute to the protection and preservation of Mother Earth if you reduce fossil fuel consumption. On the other hand, if you live off campus, use a bus or make use of a carpool when heading for school. Yes, riding the bus or using a carpool may not be as convenient as driving your own car, but if you want to save money, carpools and buses are your best options.

Third, make sure that you drive safely. You can get huge discounts on auto insurance if you drive carefully. Most auto insurers are willing to give as much as 25% discounts on premiums to students who have no records of road accidents for the last three to five years. To get huge discounts on premiums, drive carefully and obey traffic rules and regulations faithfully.

Fourth, be sure that your car is reliable. Car insurers are willing to give discounts to people who drive reliable and fuel efficient cars.