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Handy Tips in Choosing Student Car Insurance


It seems quite a difficulty looking for cheap car insurance today, especially for students. This is because the young ones have always been deemed riskier drivers, which then entails higher monthly premiums for parents. Thus, as an applicant, it is wise to scout for tips in getting the cheapest student car insurance available.

But before we go into the tips themselves, you also need to look into the factors that can affect the monthly premiums that you will be making for the next several years. These premiums are hugely dependent on age, gender, your driving records, your car’s damage history, the location of your car, as well as the distance that you drive each day. Unfortunately, these factors are not negotiable and will always have a say as to how much you need to pay each month for coverage. But with the tips below, you can still work your way around lowering your premiums.

Make sure to do a little shopping. As with any purchase you would make, do shop around so that you would have a lot of options to consider. Do not just settle with the first auto insurance company that offers you a great policy at a very affordable price. For all you know, the next insurance company that you find would offer that exact same package – or even a better one – at a much cheaper price. Thus, collect and select is key here.

Educate yourself and know the basics that come with car insurance policies. These policies can differ from one to another, not just in terms of price, but also in terms of features and perks. Make sure to learn the basics that come with insurance policies so that it would be easier for you to weigh your options. There are typically 6 basic parts. These are bodily injury, collision, personal property liability, PIP or personal injury protection, comprehensive, as well as uninsured or underinsured motorist.

Keep up those good grades. Most of the insurance companies in the industry prefer clients who maintain good grades. In fact, they prefer this so much that they even offer discounts to clients who reach and maintain an average of B or higher. Do not forget to bring proof of your achievements when you start applying for insurance.

Speaking of discounts, make sure to apply for all possible discounts. You should do this even if you have already been given a student discount. Always apply for whatever discount your insurance company offers you. This way, the chances of saving more money would be bigger.

Lastly, install security and anti-theft devices in your car. This would make your ride less risky, which consequently entails to lower monthly premiums. If your car doesn’t have an alarm system or some of its seatbelts don’t work, make sure to deal with these before you apply for student car insurance.