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Getting Cheap Car Insurance for Student


For a young student just getting his first car, driving may seem like a rite of passage bestowing on them control and freedom. The infamous image of owning and driving a car is highly enhanced by the media and pop culture. For a student however, driving a car entails more than just passing his or her Driver’s Ed. The next step is to abide with the law and get car insurance.

Unfortunately for the young people, getting car insurance may be not easy. Car insurance companies highly base the amount of premiums they would charge to their customers on demographics. The standard is to charge higher premiums to students, especially those below twenty years of age. This is because of the simple reason that companies have observed over time that younger drivers are statistically “riskier” drivers compared to older drivers.

There are several ways, however, in order to decrease the otherwise high premiums that are usually charged to students. The student’s guardian could take part in this by giving the student responsibility of paying a part of the total premium rate of their policy. This move may make the student driver more liable for their actions. Depending on the student, this would entail some monitoring from the guardian.

It would also do well for both the guardian and student to know that insurance companies honor a student doing excellently in his or her academics. This, for companies, is a sign of more responsibility. The rationale is that an academically responsible student will very likely be a responsible driver as well. This, in turn, could grant a discount on the premiums charged.

The student should also consider driving low-maintenance cars, or cars of older models. Sports cars or two-door cars immediately translates to high premiums. Also, installing as many anti-theft and safety devices could also lower the premiums to as much as fifteen percent.

Another way to slash the premiums is for the student to enroll in defensive driving lessons to expand their knowledge regarding effective defensive driving. This again is favorable for the student as this translates to lower rates. See, insurance companies favor students who have enrolled in such lessons, because they are deemed to be less company risks.

Although it may seem impossible to get affordable insurance premiums other than outrageously high premiums, it is not impossible. Student drivers should take their share of responsibility and prove that they are indeed responsible drivers. They could also get their guardians’ help in comparing auto quotes and choosing policies. Getting car insurance policies is a serious decision that would need the help of someone with more experience in it.