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Getting an A+ in Student Car Insurance 101


There are many challenges faced by a student: maintaining a good academic standing, tuition fees, and of course, for the new drivers; car insurance. Availing of a cover plan is not an easy task especially when most companies offer high premium costs and classify them as “risks,” like they do with new drivers and teens.

According to statistics, teens spend around four to ten thousand dollars on insurance premiums a year. However, there is always room for relief when it comes to things like these. As pleasant as it sounds, here are some very effective tips at hand to lower student car insurance costs.

The primary choice with regard to saving money starts right before purchasing an automobile. You might want to shell out on a car that is less expensive, has a smaller engine and most importantly, has a less costly plan attached with it. Some car groupings (especially the luxury or sports vehicles) require a higher premium price.

On the other hand, one common practice done to lower rates of student car insurance is to add your name on an already existing auto insurance plan. However, if you are the primary driver, then most companies will require you to avail of a new policy.

The best option for a youngster in school is to show them his recent grades. A lot of companies consider those with an above average or high academic performance. Moreover, it would be of great help if you took a driving course at your school or community. Letting the company know should make them consider you as a safe deal.

Being a member of any curricular, extra-curricular or community organization could easily boost your chances of getting that low premium rate as well. This is because some companies offer discounts to members of alumni associations, fraternities etc.

If you are a working student, then you might want to let the company know about it. If you use your car to go to and from work, then some companies can offer a “low-mileage” discount; assuming that the workplace is close by.

Some companies alternatively offer price reductions when security gadgets such as alarm systems, wheel and steering locks are installed. The safety of the vehicle is also a key factor in lowering student car insurance premium costs. Therefore, if you keep your vehicle inside the campus premises with security systems then you better mention that on your application.

Yes, it is difficult to cope up with the staggering increase in prices these days. You will not get anything for free, but keep up with these easy tips on student car insurance and safe driving could be as easy as your ABC’s.