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Finding Sensible Student Car Insurance


Many car insurance companies prey on college students because these clients are usually loaded with cash, and are more costly to insure. Insurers often justify expensive premiums, saying that young motorists are often inexperienced and are more likely to get in accidents. While that may be the case, there is certainly no shortage of affordable student car insurance for young drivers on a budget.

A driver’s age should never be a hindrance in finding cheaper and more affordable car insurance. Even if statistics indicate a higher probability for younger motorists to get in an accident, this can be reversed by enrolling in a special driving class. Defensive driving programs and courses allow students to gain valuable driving knowledge crucial for becoming responsible drivers. Insurers usually give out special student car insurance discounts for young motorists who pass the course. In this situation, the policyholder’s age is disregarded in favor of his or her driving experience.

Young drivers should also refrain from driving too fast or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Any of these can mean severe consequences for insurance premiums. A bad driving record can automatically mean higher rates and a lower chance of getting favorable premiums in the future. Traffic tickets and citations can reflect badly for a teen driver. Insurers prefer policyholders that are less of a risk for them. Having a bad driving record can also hound a motorist even after college. Motorists who have had run-ins with the law during their younger years can end up paying hundreds of dollars more each year for insurance.

Students should also avoid driving high-performance sports cars or large SUVs. The added mass and the stronger engines, combined with relatively inexperienced teen drivers can mean disaster. The chances of getting in an accident increases dramatically whenever a young motorist is behind the wheel of a fast or unstable vehicle. Experts suggest that parents let their college students drive least expensive cars to cut back on student car insurance expenses. An older car would also entail less repairs, resulting in more savings. Car owners can even drop collision and comprehensive coverage if they feel that repairing their vehicles is better off with money from their own pockets.

Lastly, teen drivers can get better student car insurance premiums by simply getting good grades. Students who perform well in school are often considered as more responsible drivers by insurance providers. They can usually qualify for “good student” discounts and slash ten percent off their insurance premiums.