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Cutting Costs on Student Car Insurance


Students who drive their own cars often come into trouble in paying for their student car insurance.  With tuition, boarding house or dormitory fees, pocket money, and other expenses related to school, spending for your car is indeed an additional burden.  You must have wasted minutes inside the classroom thinking of how to save on your car’s budget and oblivious to what your professor was discussing. You must have even wondered why you pay a premium that is much higher than the regular vehicle owners, when you are not earning any income.

Teenage drivers and students, whether in high school or college, are prone to drive recklessly.  This is not based on prejudice, of course.  Statistics on traffic accidents show that more and more young drivers are getting involved and are the usual victims.  It is also a fact that young people, especially those in the teenage bracket, are too daring and adventurous sometimes to care about their safety.  Having the combination of daring and limited driving experience, you can only expect that insurance firms consider such drivers as high-risk.  That explains the high premium you paying.

There are ways in which you can cut down costs on student car insurance premium.  Of course, it is best to shop around first for those companies offering the lowest.  Moreover, you can still save even if you already have a car policy. Try to avoid any accident or avoid getting involved in a traffic citation.  If your insurance firm finds out that you have had a spotless record even with your lack of driving experience, it may just be considerate enough to charge you with a lower premium price.  Being an above-average student may even bring in more discounts.  The firm usually has a good impression on such students as more reliable and mature in their driving attitudes.

In choosing what type of coverage you should get, do not go for the full one.  A full coverage may be able to give comprehensive protection, but it is certainly more expensive. A student car insurance that gives you third party as well as theft and fire coverage would be enough. Of course, that would entail great responsibility and care when driving on your part.  In choosing a car, find cheap, but dependable ones.  Those expensive and powerful rides may put you on the limelight, but they would also drain your pockets for premium payments.  Following all these, you will be able to pay lesser rates for your student car insurance.  You can always have the chance of owning a classy car when you graduate and get a job, after all.