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Who Needs To Own a Car When You Have Non Owners Auto Insurance?


Strange as it may sound, but car insurance can be purchased even if you are not a car owner. A number of companies are making profit offering car insurance for drivers who do not have their own vehicles.

Any unfortunate road incident can most likely lead to major expenses and even lawsuits. When a road accident occurs, it is irrelevant whether you own the car you are driving or not. The fact is that you were the one driving when this accident happened. If you frequently drive a car you do not own, your best form of protection is getting non owners auto insurance.

Coverage offered by non owners auto insurance is perfect for drivers who are renting or borrowing vehicles that they drive most of the time. This type of coverage can also apply for family drivers, company drivers, and teenagers who are only studying how to drive. Coverage provided by this type of policy safeguards a driver in the unfortunate event of an accident involving a vehicle that the driver does not own.

How does this type of auto insurance work? Let us say that a driver is on his way to deliver a company shipment using one of the service vehicles. He speeds up to get on time, but unfortunately gets involved in a road accident. The service vehicle used will be protected by its own auto insurance policy, which will cover for damages incurred by the car up to the extent of a policy’s limit. However, since it was the driver driving this vehicle when this accident occurred, legal action can be filed against him, either from the company who owns the damaged vehicle or auto insurance agency. When this happens, a driver’s non owners auto insurance policy will come in and protect the driver and his assets.

Getting non owners auto insurance is basically similar with getting personal car policies. Drivers need to purchase an insurance policy that best fits their needs and financial capacity. Today, the fastest and easiest way of getting car insurance is to go online.  Getting auto insurance for non owners is available online, and the best part is that you do not even have to step outside to get one. Insurance companies who offer this type of coverage provide free quotes and give offers on discount rates and policy promos. If going online is not an option, calling a few insurance agents is also a good way to get information regarding rates and quotes. Similar with any type of insurance, comparing the best quotes is the best thing to do.