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Who Needs Non Owners Auto Insurance?


You need non-owners auto insurance when you often borrow a friend’s or relative’s car to drive to work. It will be inappropriate to let their car insurance pay for medical and repair bills incurred during accidents when you are behind the wheel. You can lose their goodwill if you allow such a thing to happen.

Non-owners auto insurance is also needed when renting a car from a car rental company. It will require you to get coverage and will offer a policy that covers all injuries and damages to property. The rental company will specifically demand that you include collision coverage to liability coverage, the minimum required by law. A period of coverage, naturally, covers the time the car is driven out of the company’s parking lot until you return it, hopefully, intact.

Non-owners auto insurance is also suitable for employees who drive company cars. Although the car probably has an existing insurance paid for by the company, you cannot know how much it will pay in case an accident happens. Companies are known to just subscribe to the minimum coverage. Better leave yourself fully protected by augmenting it with your own.

It is best to get non-owners auto insurance from regular insurance firms instead of getting it through the car rental company since this will make it less expensive. Customizing coverage to include all cars that are rented or borrowed is quite possible. This saves a lot of time buying new coverage every time you have to rent a car from another rental firm or borrow from another friend.

Obtaining this type of insurance is the same as getting regular car owners insurance. You shop for it. Buying online is fastest and probably the cheapest because it gives the opportunity to compare quotes from different companies, saving time off from the paperwork. After paying premiums, print your insurance card from the computer and away you go.

If you think buying online is not ideal, then, there are insurance agents who can help find the right coverage. These people can help you with details that are not clear, however, most will give a slightly higher quote compared to online insurers. It is because most agents work for a commission.

There is also your friend from whom you borrow a car frequently. He will be most willing to help you out. It is his interest that in case you total his car or maim a pedestrian, he can buy a new one and be free of claims. Ask him to for recommendations or refer his own insurance provider.