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When Is The Right Time To Get A Non-Owners Auto Insurance?


If you are driving a car that is not yours, then today is the right time to buy a policy for non owners auto insurance. Below are some scenarios applicable for this kind of policy.

  • You are driving a company car and constantly going out for a business trip;
  • You are using a loaned are from a family member or relative for a short period of time;
  • You are renting a vehicle for a vacation or trip.

Accidents are sometimes inevitable and you do not want to start driving without some sort of protection. With non owners auto insurance, you are covered for your medical bills should you encounter one on the road. A lot of needed if you do not have a personal insurance policy or not even covered by someone’s policy.

A bitter scenario would be for you to be caught inside a legal battle without any sort of insurance policy. Most of the vehicles, such as rented ones, only offer a limited liability coverage. Company vehicles only invest money to cover the cost of third party and not for personal injuries to the drivers. This is normal, since this kind of policies only cover the regular and basic liability coverage. In order for you to get reimbursements, you need to have a non owners auto insurance.

Unless stipulated and paid, personal injuries are normally not included in the insurance. If there is, there should be a specific clause that discusses it and premiums are a bit higher than usual. Collision coverage can also be added or else the insurer is only obligated to take care of the damages to the other party. It is therefore that each car should be added to the list if needed.

A pretty much restricted policy and sometimes the rules are hard to bend which makes the decision making a lot harder.  That is why, for most, they skip buying this product even if circumstances call for it. Needless to say, you cannot bring back the time when you are caught in a situation and needed one. This could be an expensive product, but you cannot use the price tag to hinder the assurance you will be getting if you are covered.

The best way to do is to shop around, ask some agents and get some quotes. There is no uncommon product that everyone is not aware of. Be patient and find the best offer.