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What Is a Non Owners Auto Insurance Policy?


With the current oil price hike happening, many people are trying to cut down their costs by driving less often, carpooling, taking the subway or other public transportation.  Some people even give up their owned cars completely and choose to borrow or rent a car once in a while.

For instance, if you are planning to go on vacation with your family, you may rent a car instead.  Consequently, since you will be driving a rented car, you will need to obtain a non owners auto insurance.  As its name implies, this type of auto insurance policy is offered especially for drivers who rent or borrow the cars they use.

Specific inclusions of non owners auto insurance policy may vary from one insurer to the next.  However, a comprehensive package includes any damage to the car and physical liabilities or injuries of the driver and passengers.  It is up to you to choose a policy that best matches your needs.

Some credit card companies provide car rental insurance and travel insurance for their cardholders.  If you are a cardholder, you may think that applying for insurance is unnecessary.  However, you should check the Terms and Conditions of your credit card to see whether you need to obtain a non owners auto insurance coverage or not.  Take note that sometimes, the car or travel insurance provided by your credit card may be limited only to certain locations, certain types of vehicles, or may not be a comprehensive coverage at all.

In addition, car rental agencies may offer you their own insurance package. Do not forget to consider the advantages of getting a separate non owners auto insurance policy, not only to get the cheapest deal, but also to ensure your safety on the road.  Usually, if you are going to rent a car for more than ten days, it would cost you even less if you are going to acquire insurance from an independent insurer rather than acquire it from your car rental agency and pay the daily cost.  Car rental agencies may also offer limited insurance coverage compared to independent insurers.

Typically, leading insurance companies in the industry also offer auto insurance packages for non-vehicle owners.  You can gather quotes from the internet for free or use a comparison website to make your search quick and easy.  After shopping around for rates, take a closer look at the exact provisions and exclusions of the policy you intend to obtain.