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Understanding Auto Insurance Policy for Non Car Owners


If you think that driving a car that is not legally yours makes you safe from the consequences which road mayhems results into, you are wrong. The mere fact that you are on the driver’s seat makes you vulnerable to charges especially if you are found to be at fault. It is the best move to acquire a policy that will cover your needs even if the car you are using is rented or borrowed.

There are indeed packages like car rental coverage and one-day policies offered by auto insurance companies. Though it may seem better to have either one-day or car rental policies as your protection while driving; it only works for a short period of time. What if you have decided to extend your rental for a longer period of time, say 10 days? Then that would leave you unprotected for the next 9 days or so.

The solution is to purchase what is commonly known as the Non-Owner Liability Coverage. This way, the policyholder is insured the same way like he/she has Liability Coverage; a policy which is typical to all motorists. In Non-Owner liability, the policyholder also has both Bodily Injury Liability and Property Damage Liability Coverage.

It works the same way as a normal motorists’ liability policy does. This policy also covers medical expenses needed by the injured people and property repair expenses of the aggrieved party. This type of policy from auto insurance companies also provides legal assistance to the policyholder, if in case a settlement outside court was not possible and courtroom trial is needed. Providing the sum of money if in case a settlement outside court is agreed upon is also under the policy’s coverage.

As you can see, having a Non-Owner Liability Coverage is far better than the inadequate car rental one day insurance. Thus, choose wisely, paying for low insurance rate is indeed practical especially those who are taking into consideration the economic hardship the country is currently facing. But cheap insurance sometimes cannot be equated to a person’s lifestyle. Opting for such can even result into larger financial problems due to its lack of protection.

So for those who cannot help but rent or borrow cars, think of what a Non-Owner Auto Insurance can give you. This type of policy is offered by almost all auto insurance companies. One can inquire about the said policy and it’s coverage by going online or simply through phone. Purchasing such gives you protection that of an expensive policy. Nothing beats a road trip with no worries.