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Things You Should Know About Non Owners Auto Insurance


It may sound a bit strange to you, but you might need to obtain an auto insurance policy even without owning a car. Yes, car coverage is also available for drivers who do not have their own cars. This type of policy is called non owners auto insurance policy.

This type of insurance policy is the ideal protection for drivers who are borrowing or renting cars most of the time. This can also apply to individuals who drive the company’s service vehicle, and for teenagers who are just learning how to drive. It provides enough insurance protection should you experience or cause a road accident driving a vehicle that is not your own. It is designed to provide coverage for all the expenses that you get during the mishap.

How Non Owners Auto Insurance Works

For example, you come across a road accident while you happen to be driving a rented or borrowed vehicle. The owner’s auto insurance policy will provide coverage for the damages according to their policy’s limit. However, since you were the one driving the vehicle at the time of the accident, legal action might be filed against you either from the owner or the auto premiums company. This is where your non owners auto insurance policy comes in to protect you and your assets.

Finding The Right Non Owners Car Insurance For You

Finding a non owners auto insurance policy that suits your needs and budget is the same way as looking for regular auto coverage. The fastest and the most convenient way to find the best deals for non owners car insurance is to go online. There are literally hundreds of auto coverage providers online that offer this type of policy. You can inquire about their rates and coverage and request for quotes. Another option for you is to go from branch to branch and personally talk to auto insurance agents who will give you quotes as well. You can also ask referrals from family members, friends or coworkers who may feel satisfied with a particular provider or agent regarding this type of insurance policy.

Comparing The Best Quotes

It is very important to evaluate multiple non owners car insurance policy quotes. Make sure you have picked the best quotes from different auto insurance providers before making a comparison. Try obtaining quotes from around five to ten companies online. Different auto insurance companies will provide various requirements and limits. It is vital to read all the details so you will know what you are getting.