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The Basics of Non Owners Auto Insurance


A regular passive person will never think of policies that insurance companies come up these days. After all, it was not your boy next door who thought about offering non owners auto insurance to motorists. Not everyone is classified to own this kind of policy. Regular car insurance will come across the mind of any car-driver in the country. However, a non owners auto insurance is a special policy offered to someone who commutes and does not own a car, drives company-owned vehicles for work, rents cars every time a road trip is scheduled, or borrows a car from family, friends or colleagues. Thus, someone who holds a non owners auto insurance is surely a person who does not have a car under his name.

A coverage of a normal car is very limited, thus a person who drives one that is not his own may find himself in the middle of a bad insurance dispute. One must consider that a company car is just minimally covered for third party injury and damages. Although a rental car has coverage, the amount is shielded for the person who rented it; and someone else’s car only covers the one who owns it.

This only means that in regular car insurance, it does not cover the liability of drivers not listed in the policy. A non owners auto insurance will guarantee that you are covered in case of an accident and the insurer will have to pay for damages and probably hospital bills when it is included in the policy.

That last bit on hospital and medical bills is actually a loophole. Normally, this type of insurance is limited and will only cover damages inflicted on the vehicle being driven by the policy owner. Sometimes a specific car to be driven must be listed and all other cars are added when necessary. There is an option to add personal injury and collision insurance, but it can never be a full and comprehensive insurance product.

You may feel very restricted to rules and will find that decision-making is hard in this aspect. You might skip getting this kind of insurance product totally. However, the peace of mind that insurance policies bring is reason enough to subscribe especially when you are always driving a car that is not yours.

Call your agent today and ask him to lay out your options. You may also find quotes in the internet so you have something to study while you wait for the perfect offer to come along.