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Policy Basics of Auto Insurance for Non Car Owners


With the continuous increase of commodities including gas prices, costs of auto insurance is also expected to go up. In fact, the car insurance industry is one of the many sectors in the market that is greatly affected by even the slightest increase in the price of gasoline. Since more people refuse to carry the burden of expensive gasoline, and not to mention costs of car maintenance and repair, those who go to travel routinely everyday from work to home opt to take public transportation. Interestingly, consumers are even looking into better alternatives, and one of which is carpooling.

Those with company shuttles or who travel regularly with friends use carpooling when going to work. Since cab fares are a bit expensive in the city, carpooling does prove to be a better option. On the other hand, those who need to visit far locations or travel to a different state prefer to rent vehicles. There are a number of rental car companies that offer efficient services at affordable rates. Renting a vehicle seems such a good idea that is if no car accident takes place.

One common problem with rented vehicles is that, when something unfortunate happens, such as a collision or a road accident, the one renting may be at a loss unless he is protected by auto insurance for non car owners. Most car rental companies do not have policies as to what happens when their vehicles get involved in an accident. To lean on the safe side, especially during long trips, a smart decision would be to purchase auto insurance for non car owners.

Most auto insurance for non car owners provides basic policies that have liability coverage, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, and medical expenses coverage. Liability coverage reimburses expenses for property damages or physical injuries caused by driving a rented car. Meanwhile, coverage for medical expenses pays for the medical bills and the uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage takes care of the expenses of injuring another driver who does not have adequate insurance protection. Depending on the insurer, more policies can be purchased at an additional cost.

Before going on a long trip and renting a vehicle, be sure to first check out good options for auto insurance for non car owners. If it is not offered by the car rental company, look for good quotes yourself. Driving a vehicle certainly has risks. Even if you own the car you are driving or not, it is still best that you are protected by insurance in case something bad happens.