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Ownership Of A Non-Owners Auto Insurance


When actively working as a driver, there is one insurance type that you should seriously seek. Most aptly called non-owners auto insurance, its main purpose for being is to extend protection to the vehicle driver, especially when he encounters road accidents.

As the term implies, non-owners auto insurance refers to a coverage plan intended for people who do not own a car, but who drive cars for other people, usually employees in a particular company. In such cases, availing of this policy type is often recommended. This is because even if the car has insurance, coverage is usually limited to the car itself. In short, driver protection has not been included.

This insurance variant can also be suitable for people who may not have their own cars but who often rent these out either as part of their jobs or when meeting friends and business contacts. Under this scenario, you also need to be sufficiently covered because chances are good that your rented car has no insurance yet. Such cases can happen if you rented the vehicle at a moment’s notice and assured the rental company that this will only be used for a few short hours.

In both examples, there are always driving risks involved. Road accidents can happen at any given time. Given this possibility, proper and sufficient protection then should always be sought.

Unfortunately, not everyone who drives for other people is aware that he should have himself covered. In such cases, sufficient information ought to be sought. You should keep in mind that for as long as you are involved in any kind of actual driving, it should be obvious that some kind of protection is availed of.

This is where non-owners auto insurance comes in. With this coverage type, you are given some form of shield if and when you encounter a vehicular mishap.

At present, however, this coverage variant has quite limited benefit offers. In cases of accidents, for example, your insurer will only cover your injuries and the damages that the accident caused. Coverage, however cannot be extended to all medical expenses incurred by the aggrieved party.

In addition, when an accident is caused by a third party, you should not expect to have compensation from this policy type. The same thing goes for mishaps caused by acts of nature like hurricanes and earthquakes.

Still, despite these drawbacks, you should still consider getting a non-owners auto insurance. It is, after all, capable of extending protection when such a need occurs. This is definitely better than having no coverage at all.