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Non-Owners Auto Insurance: Why Is It Needed?


It is common knowledge that car owners must have their automobiles insured to protect themselves against financial liabilities arising from accidents involving their vehicles.

However, they are not the only ones who should buy a surety coverage for an automobile. There is such a thing called non-owners auto insurance, which is highly recommended to people who often borrow or rent vehicles.

Automobiles for rent are not always sufficiently covered. If an individual intends to rent a car, he or she should buy a non-owners auto insurance to have peace of mind while driving. Having a surety policy will also free the automobile borrower from paranoia about car theft, as the insurer will be the one to shoulder cost of replacement.

Even if a car owner had his or her vehicle insured, this does not automatically free the borrower from liabilities in case the vehicle is involved in an accident while in the latter's possession. Most insurers make the surety coverage of an automobile tied to certain names of drivers. If a person's name is not mentioned in the policy, then he or she will have to shoulder the financial liabilities resulting from a car accident if the vehicle is in his or her possession when it happened.

Non-owners auto insurance is also advisable for people who are members of automobile-sharing clubs, which have become popular in the United States. Due to rising prices of gasoline, some people deem it wise to simply join such clubs instead of buying their own vehicles. People of this type are usually those who are used to commuting daily to and from work, and only see the need to drive occasionally.

People who intend to buy a non-owners auto insurance must take note of the minimum surety requirements in a given state. They must be mindful that different states have varying requirements as far as surety policy for vehicles is concerned. An individual may consult the nearest insurer about a given state's requirements, as it must know  such type of information very well.

It is easy to buy surety products nowadays, especially with the use of the Internet. Most legitimate insurers have websites where they post quotations and sell their products online.

Damages resulting from car accidents are often costly. Getting a surety policy for a vehicle is not only wise for owners but also for car borrowers. With proper protection, people free themselves from potential accident-related expenses.