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Important Facts About Non Owners Auto Insurance


Being a responsible car owner, you must already know the importance of getting an insurance coverage for your car to protect your car, yourself as a driver, as well as provide protection for other drivers and properties, including other people’s vehicles. However, what if you often drive vehicles that are not your own? This can pose as a problem since auto-related accidents do not only happen to insured car owners. Good thing auto insurance companies offer non-owners auto insurance coverage. Although this type of policy does not offer the protection a regular auto insurance policy does, its coverage is sufficient enough. It is definitely better than driving without protection.

Having non-owners auto insurance allows you to drive any car without the hassle of having to check the insurance status of the car. You may be driving a car with an insurance coverage only for the owner and not its driver. In this case, if an auto-related accident happens while you are driving, you may have to pay for both body and property damages. Having to spend money directly from your pocket can only add to more hassles and headaches to the damage that happened. You should not have to worry about such things if you have a non-owners car insurance policy. Whether you drive a vehicle that is covered or not, your own non-owners policy will save you a lot of trouble in the future.

Compared to most coverage rates, the rates for non-owners car insurance is relatively low. However, your case would be considered as less risky by car insurance companies. Insurers expect you to drive less since you do not own a car. Of course, it is a different case if you drive a service or company vehicle. This type of policy is quite strict in this regard, since it only limits your use to only rented and borrowed vehicles.

Non-owners auto insurance policy normally includes liability, medical coverage, personal injury protection, and protection against uninsured or underinsured motorists. These types of coverage are sufficient enough to provide you basic protection in case of an auto-related accident. Just as in other policies, you are required to use your deductibles first before your auto insurance company pays for the expenses needed.

If you are thinking of getting a non-owners auto insurance policy, your basis should be the frequency of your driving.  You may not need to have this policy if you drive too seldom.  However, you should get one if you drive often enough to increase the risks of auto-related accidents.