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How Non-owners Auto Insurance Works


You must know already that you are required by law to apply for insurance coverage as an automobile owner.  The reason for this is to have protection for yourself as a motorist, for other drivers, and for properties including your car.  What happens if you often drive cars that are not your own?  This can be a problem since accidents do not occur only to insured car owners.  Does this mean that you just have to face the risks instead?  No.  In fact, you can be insured too since some companies can provide non-owners auto insurance.  Although this does not give the protection like an ordinary car insurance coverage, but it is good enough.  Definitely, it is better than driving without guarantee.

With this type of coverage, you can drive any car available without having to check about its insurance status.  You may be driving one with a coverage that only includes the owner and not the driver. In this case, if a vehicular accident happens while you are on the steering wheel, you may have to shoulder the damages to both property and body. The necessity of spending directly from your pocket can only add more pain to the injury that happens. This should not be a cause for worry if you already have non-owners auto insurance.   Whether the car you drive is covered or not, your own insurance is ready to bail you out of accident-related troubles.

The coverage premiums for this type of insurance is very low compared to those of most car policies.  However, insurance firms would consider your case as less risky. Since you do not own a car, they expect you to drive least often. Of course, it is a different case if they find you driving another person’s car because it is your job.  This policy is quite strict in this regard. It limits your use to those borrowed or rented cars only.

Non-owners auto insurance policy usually includes liability, personal injury protection, medical coverage, and protection against uninsured or underinsured motorists.  For someone who drives infrequently, these are indeed enough to provide some protection from huge expenses in case there is a vehicular accident.  Just like other policies, it is important to use your deductibles first before the provider does its part.

The frequency of driving should be your basis if you will need to get non-owners auto insurance.  If you drive too seldom then you may not need it at all.  However, if you do get behind the wheel often enough to raise the risks of accidents, then you should get one.