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The GAP that Completes: Getting New Car Insurance


After buying the car you’ve been coveting for years, the party does not end in parking the new car in the garage. It culminates in getting new car insurance for your solid indemnity protection and you can do this with GAP insurance. As life is stranger than fiction, just imagine if this odd scenario would happen to you. In taking your new dream car for a spin, you meet an accident right away. Naturally, you assume you are covered by the car insurance that came with the purchase, so you feel safe. And then, you find out the horrible truth: the policy you took does not cover the accident! Scary, right? But such a frightening scenario is most often true, as the policy the car company enrolled you in may not carry GAP insurance, the most popular and most solid new car insurance coverage there is.

The only GAP that Completes

Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) is a type of new car insurance that makes sure the driver has no pitfalls to experience from the vulnerable gap between the worth of the car and the cost of the insurance policy. Logic will tell anyone that getting GAP insurance is necessary for any driver, no matter what type of car he or she may have purchased. Having full insurance coverage is especially important for any driver driving the streets of America, where the primary cause of accidents stem from vehicular accidents.

Most insurance companies offer GAP insurance to drivers, but if you are buying your first car, it is necessary to ask the insurer if the coverage is included in the insurance policy you chose. If the company does not offer it, this particular insurance policy is actually available all by itself, and many companies offer it at a low cost.

As a responsible driver, getting GAP insurance and therefore bridging the gap in insurance coverage for your new car is a task that you must never miss out. Most new drivers think this is an unnecessary policy – up until the unthinkable happens and they meet an accident. Having full coverage in getting a car insurance policy is the action of a wise consumer because it means that you know how to protect your investment. You know that every dollar you spent on your dream car is hard-earned money and there is no other way to protect it but to go full coverage with GAP on your new car insurance policy.