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Renegotiating For A New Car Insurance


The normal route a driver takes when shopping around for new car insurance is get online quotes from one insurance company before going to the next. This way, he or she can easily make a good comparison of the quotes.

Most insurance providers actually recommend this common practice. This is because with this procedure, you can choose the most affordable premium.

However, jumping from one prospective provider to another can be quite a hassle at times. An option worth considering is to stay with your present insurer and simply ask for a new car insurance quote. This set up involves less paper work and all you really need to do is renew your expiring policy, but under lower monthly premiums.

The question, however, is, how do you convince an insurance company that you deserve lower insurance premiums?

This is where renegotiation comes in. Simply put, if you are not happy with your present premium rates, find out what will make those rates lower.

Often, lower rates are offered to drivers whose cars are not considered high-risk vehicles. This is a good first step towards renegotiation. Find out what vehicles are considered high risk by most insurance companies. It will surprise you that those fancy sports cars actually fall under this category. To avoid getting charged with high monthly premiums, settle for inexpensive but durable vehicles.

Other than that, try installing safety features in your car. Particularly recommended are anti-theft car devices like top-line lock system. These are features that highlight the level of security that you provide your vehicle. They also serve as effective tools during your renegotiation with an insurance provider.

Try enhancing your driving skills as well. Enroll in one or two driving programs, and make sure that you complete the course. This is particularly important for drivers who have bad driving records. With a completed driving course, accompanied by a signed certificate, renegotiating for new car insurance should not be too difficult. Just try pointing out during your discussion with your insurer that despite previous bad records, you have taken several steps to help yourself become a better driver.

Transferring to another insurer in order to get new car insurance may appear exciting at first glance. However, there are also risks involved when making this decision. You may not realize it at first, but your present provider can turn out to be more reliable than your prospective one. As such, it is always better to renegotiate first and find out if better terms can be availed of given the driving enhancements you have taken.