Most Recent Auto Insurance Articles in New Car Insurance

  • Considerations for New Car Insurance

    by Jasper Ericks

    If you have an experience of insuring an old and used car, you might have an idea on how auto insurances work. Insuring a new car is quite different from that of insuring a used car because the need for each car differs. There are certain requirements that auto insurance companies have for their consumers. People who will purchase insurance for a new car will likely be given higher auto insurance rates than those with a used car. Also, … (more) October 16, 2010

  • Types of Auto Insurance for Your New Car

    by Jasper Ericks

    Several states acknowledge that road accidents are common and sometimes unavoidable. This is the reason why most states demand that all car owners should insure their cars in any way regardless of the coverage included. However, even without state imposition, auto insurance polices are important to protect yourself of future accidents. Auto insurance will allow you to spend some of your money. But this investment is worthwhile especially if you see yourself purchasing a car. Driving your own new … (more) October 15, 2010

  • New Policy for a New Car

    by Jasper Ericks

    It is so delightful to have a new car. Driving a brand new car would totally add more excitement and satisfaction while hitting the road. Maybe a congested heavy traffic will not be able to ruin your day if you are using your newly purchased vehicle. Having a new car means you must avail of car insurance policy. Depending on which state are you from a minimum requirement for auto insurance coverage is required. Most states do this thus you … (more) September 9, 2010

  • New Cars Insurance For Your New Car

    by Jasper Ericks

    Having a new car ignites an excitement like no other. But since most states require car insurance policy for all car owners and drivers, you might not be able to drive your brand new ride yet if you are not a policy holder. Well this is not surprisingly new for car dealers will inform you before you can even drive your car off the lot that you must show them a proof of your car insurance policy. Now what to … (more) September 8, 2010

  • Things to Remember when Switching to a New Car Insurance Company

    by Jasper Ericks

    The car insurance business is a very big market, and the enormous number of insurance companies may intimidate any insurance shopper. Of course, the very multiplicity of these options will also be a very good plus point for it means more opportunity to get cheap insurance options. The problem, however, that almost every car insurance holder has is regarding the switching between the insurance options and, in many cases, the car insurance companies. Switching car insurance policies is perfectly legal, … (more) August 6, 2010

  • Your Vehicle’s Future Lies on Its Insurance

    by Jasper Ericks

    Who would not want to have his or her own vehicle? Having one’s own car is a more convenient way to travel for almost all of us. This is, of course, just one of a number of reasons why people desire cars. Vanity is not disregarded. However, owning a car will not only make you look enviable but it will also keep you from the hassles of riding public transportations. Simply put, a car takes you exactly where you want … (more) July 28, 2010

  • Important car insurance tips for first new drivers

    by Jasper Ericks

    Auto insurance can be daunting as it may highly influence your bank account. Most insurance carriers understand that first time drivers may be riskier than veteran drivers, hence they may charge them according to their experience. New driver can expect to pay higher premium until they set their hands and get some experience. However, there are few measures that they can be observed to keep their insurance cost low. Safe Car Inevitably a car determines the insurance cost, to certain … (more) April 21, 2010

  • New Car Insurance Coverage Basics

    by Ricky Lawrence

    Planning to buy a new car also entails including new car insurance in the budget. Not only is policy coverage required to have the vehicle registered with the DMV, most banks that will finance your new auto require comprehensive insurance to cover your expenses and losses in the event of an accident. Also do not treat your premium as costs but investments to your future. Being covered will keep you from being sued and individuals running after your other assets. … (more) March 18, 2010