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Knowing New Car Insurance Requirements


States in the US take pride in protecting their citizens by making sure they all have auto insurance. American car owners need to comply with the State mandated requirements in car insurance coverage levels. For beginners, new car insurance requirements are some of the first things you want to be familiar with before you step behind the wheel.

First, all drivers are required to have minimum coverage levels. The general rule is that drivers should at least have third party liability coverage to take care of damages incurred by third parties involved in an accident. However, depending on the State where the driver resides, this law may require more coverage levels. Such levels may include physical injury coverage and property damage protection. Other policies can include provisions that will pay for the salaries not earned by an injured employee because he was caught in a car accident and other clauses that enforce reimbursements for car theft and damages caused by natural calamities such as fire, flood, and many more.

Second in the list of new car insurance requirements is to consult as many insurance providers possible. Only in asking quotes from a variety of providers can drivers secure a good offer on premium rates. The rates charged by companies are determined by a number of factors including age, marital status, driving record, vehicle type, income, gender, and even credit score. To have an advantage, you need to study how companies compute their rates so you can avoid things that can make insurance more expensive for you. Risk is one of the major factors in calculating risks. You have to make sure you do not fall on the “high risk” category by being careful on the road, driving fewer miles, and installing safety devices in your vehicle.

Third, after getting familiar with a number of insurers, it is also important to be familiar with a few facts in car insurance. Companies generally charge more expensive rates to teenagers, young drivers, and motorists aged 75 and up. Student drivers are braver and bolder on the road while the elderly have physical limitations and are not that alert when driving. New car insurance requirements include doing some homework on reading and researching. Cars with a high theft rate are deemed to be high risk. Women drivers get significantly lower rates compared to male motorists. Some states consider individuals with a good credit score as more responsible and therefore pose less risk. These little facts may be trivial, but knowing them can be a big help to beginners who are satisfying their new car insurance requirements for the first time.