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Important car insurance tips for first new drivers


Auto insurance can be daunting as it may highly influence your bank account. Most insurance carriers understand that first time drivers may be riskier than veteran drivers, hence they may charge them according to their experience. New driver can expect to pay higher premium until they set their hands and get some experience. However, there are few measures that they can be observed to keep their insurance cost low.

Safe Car

Inevitably a car determines the insurance cost, to certain extent. For example a sports car driver would be charged higher than a driver who drives a conventional car. Insurance carriers realize that sports car drivers usually drive fast increasing the chances of accidents; therefore they are charged higher premiums. SUV driver are also considered as risk for the insurance companies, as it had a terrible history of accidents. Hence, auto insurance for such cars may be higher than in general. For a new driver it is recommended to drive safe cars as it will ensure you safety as well as reduce incurring cost towards your car insurance.

Have more security features

Is it believed that security features of a car can considerably reduce coast involved in car insurance. For the first time driver it is a wise decision to add security features in his or her car. By merely implanting an alarm system in your car will reduce your car insurance rate significantly. One of the most important safety features that new drivers must consider is the air bag which reduces the impact of an accident. Investing in safety features is beneficial as your safety is ensured and you also get paid back through lower premium rates.

Do not claim for unnecessary reasons

If you find your best suited deal, try not to make unnecessary claims. This will surely help you during the time of renewal of your car insurance policy. You can expect your premium and other rates to go down. Again, safety comes into picture. If you drive safely you would not come under a scenario where you need to claim. Keeping distance between cars while driving, driving at an appropriate space and following all the laws will keep you out of fault and you will not find the need to claim. In long term this will help you considerably. If unfortunately you met with an accident it is important to determine whether the cost of damage is lower than your deductible. If it is less, then paying it out of your pocket is beneficial. Even in case your damage exceeds your deductible trying to pay it through your account will help in long run.

These points will significantly help new drivers to lower the cost of their car insurance and save some money. Not only new drivers but also veterans can benefit from these measures.