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Dying for Low Rates? Think of Your New Car Insurance Before Buying the Car


Purchasing a new car is one sweet experience especially if it is your first. However, great possessions come with great responsibilities, one of which is, new car insurance. Insurance for new cars are often high because they are more likely to be stolen or vandalized. If a car gets damaged due to an accident, chances are, it would be difficult for an owner and insurance company to find replacement parts because the model is brand new. To avoid this, you should be prepared so that your insurance would be cheaper and easier for you.

Before planning to buy a car, identify some important details which may help you land on a cheap new car insurance rate. Below are some questions you need to answer before buying a vehicle:

  • How will the car be used?
  • How many passengers are usually aboard?
  • How frequent do you use and drive the car?
  • Where do you drive the car?

Answer these questions carefully and make sure to remember them because they will be your criteria for purchasing a vehicle. If the vehicle does not fit to one of your answers, then look for another one. This task is tiring and stressful, but it is definitely worth it. Doing this keeps you from buying cars not suitable for your job, driving habits, and neighborhood. This does not only get the best car for you, it also helps in keeping your premium down.

Afterward, list down all important features you need in your car. Features like transmission type, trunk size, security system, airbags, engine, anti-lock brakes, etc. are things you need to consider before purchasing. Most insurance companies offer discounts for these items – saving you a lot of money on your new car insurance. The lowest prices do not mean the best quality, so be sure to distinguish between what is cheap, but has good quality, and cheap that has no quality.

The rate of your insurance premiums often solely relies on cost of the car. However, there are other factors that affect this cost. Some of these have to do with the capacity of the car. If a vehicle does not heavily damage another vehicle after an accident, then it deserves a discount from insurers. A vehicle’s damage tolerance and its ability to secure the driver are also other aspects that are rewarded with low rates.

Buying a brand new car is just as exciting as having a baby. You just need to follow the reminders, and you will surely get a low new car insurance rate.