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Steps to Make a Motor Vehicle Insurance Claim


The purpose of getting motor vehicle insurance is to minimize whatever financial burden a car owner will suffer in an accident. Getting coverage will have a substantial effect in assisting a policy holder.

It would be easy if things were simple. Why? For most times an accident takes place, motor vehicle insurance providers are not willing to pay up. Instead, they look for reasons to avoid being made to pay the proceeds of a contract to the client. Some even resort to dirty or illegal tactics just to get their way to the detriment of the poor victim. To avoid this, here are some steps to get paid.

Step one: make a detailed documentation of the accident. You can do this by taking clear photographs of the accident and the damage extent on your vehicle. Take photos also of any other piece of property that may have been damaged, such as another person’s car in case of a collision, or a wall or post in case no other vehicle was involved. Make sure also that you get to speak with a traffic cop who made the report and get yourself a copy.

Step two: get witnesses. Take down some names and ask them what they saw. They will come in handy should a lawsuit result from the insurer’s refusal to deliver payment, but of course, they should be willing. You run the risk of being sued yourself if you pester people unwilling to testify for you. If you can, get their sworn statements. It would help if you have a lawyer-friend.

Step three: file your claim. Contact your motor vehicle insurance agent or provider and let them know personally and in writing that you have figured into an accident and are now staking a claim on the policy proceeds. Brace yourself for some grilling at this point. They will conduct an investigation and will try to overturn your claim. This is where your documentation comes in. The photographs and the statements you took will be attached to a form and will serve as proof of your valid claim.

Step four: when all else fails, let them know that you are considering filing a lawsuit. No, this is not blackmail. It is simply giving them an opportunity to do what is right – provided of course, that you have a valid right to be compensated. If they refuse, then go on and file a motor vehicle insurance claim in court.

What you are avoiding here is you having to shoulder all costs out of your own pocket when the insurer should clearly pitch in. These steps are meant to guide your way in staking your right.