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Motorcycle Insurance Online: A Closer Look at What Insurers Have to Offer


As the global economy took a turn for the worst late last year, consumers all over the world turned to money-saving alternatives in the hopes of keeping up with the economic downfall. In fact, automobile and gadget users are already looking forward to improve what they already have instead of having to spend a fortune to get a new version of what they already have. Take, for example, motorcycle owners and riders who opt to accessorize and upgrade parts instead of grabbing the newest model provided by the market.

Claims Manager Lisa Kozik over at the Markel American Insurance Company stresses the fact that these modifications on the automobile are, in fact, covered by particular policies and that owners should be aware of this service, as it will eventually benefit them in the event of filing claims.

With more and more people coming forward to “pimp” their rides, insurers have to take the initiative to inform potential and existing clients of what they have to offer. E-commerce has played a vital role in the delivery of information, so let’s take a closer look at motorcycle insurance online.

Markel American Insurance Company, for instance, provides information on their motorcycle insurance online page. They boast of an exclusive policy for motorcycle drivers because “the dangers you face on your motorcycle are different from those you face in other vehicles.” Markel places value in those particular circumstances and takes into the consideration the price that they offer for those policies. In fact, they came up with Markel Bikeline—a custom-made policy that caters to the specific needs of a motorcycle rider. Markel is proud to have Bikeline as one of their most client-centric policies, considering customer satisfaction and product value.

State Farm also provides information on their motorcycle insurance online page. They specifically cater to motorcycle drivers who enjoy the open road, where adventure lurks on every blind corner. State Farm covers any factory-built motorcycle, motor scooter, and even includes three-wheel vehicles, such as mini bikes and trail bikes. Their policies have comprehensive coverage, including bodily injuries inflicted on the driver while riding the motorcycle, bodily injuries to someone else, property damage, damage caused by theft or fire, and customization work like upgrades and repairs.

Geico, one of the nation’s leading insurance suppliers, also provides motorcycle insurance online, boasting of excellent customer service, affordable plans, flexible payment schemes, secure online payment, and 24-hour customer service available through their trunk lines.

Several companies like Geico, State Farm, and Markel offer various motorcycle insurance deals. However, it is highly important to understand the circumstances in which the vehicle is being operated to determine the best fitting insurance policy for a particular motorcycle.