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Motor Vehicle Insurance Guide


Motor vehicle insurance is also known as the car insurance or motor insurance. Regardless of how you call it this type of insurance is a must have for car owners and drivers. Motor vehicle insurance acts like a contract or a deal where your insurance company will be the one to handle financial responsibility for any damages. There is not just a single type of coverage motor vehicle insurance caters. Depending on one’s needs and what the state requires, customers can choose from different types of coverage.

Car insurance rates are generally high. The rate would differ per individual. Applicants are individually assessed and there are several factors that could influence their assigned premium rates. These factors involve the type of coverage you want to avail, you can choose from the liability coverage, full coverage insurance, comprehensive, collision, third party property, third party-fire and theft and more. Other factors that influence your premium, rate would be your credit history, driving records, the place where you belong, your age, your marital status, your car’s model, the car’s mileage, your continuous car coverage, your claim history and the like. Indeed there are several factors that can influence your premium rate. So you can either make this influence a positive or a negative one.

The driving record factor can be a major area that will directly color your car insurance rate. This will include the accidents you have been involved with and all the penalties you have gotten for the past few years. There are traffic offenses that are continuously being eyed on not just by your car insurance provider but also by the state law. It is best for you to have an idea about this so you will know not just your rights but also your responsibility.

Most states passed laws concerning blood or breadth tests. In an accident operators of the involved vehicles must undergo such tests under the jurisdiction of some state laws. In New York, if the person to drive has .18 grams or more alcohol weight on his/her blood he/she is prohibited to operate. For other states if drivers were arrested because they are hitting the road under the influence of drugs or alcohol it is mandatory to withdraw blood or other bodily substance to check on their status. On other places driving under influence cases leads to the suspension of the driving privilege of the persons involved.

Well if your driver’s license was confiscated and yet continue driving or if you actually do not have a driver’s license yet despite that you operate a motor vehicle you seriously are in trouble. Some state law will deal with this case by forfeiting your motor vehicle. Other states would make you literally pay hefty of fines of you driving without a license.