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Dealing with Motor Vehicle Insurance Claims


Claiming motor vehicle insurance may prove to be a laborious task and prolonged agony to the insured. There are state laws that dictate how long insurers are allowed to settle a claim that leave policy holders wondering if they will ever get reimbursed.

When taking care of motor vehicle insurance claims, make sure that all paperwork related to an accident is made available. Submit facts that will help the insurer assess the damage incurred. They will probably ask for pictures, names of witnesses, witness accounts, receipts of expenses (maybe car repairs or medical and hospital bills), and certification of lost income from an employer. These are things and pieces of information that will prove to be vital in settling.

There is also something referred to as general damages, which mean the amount given for pain and suffering that you add to your claims thereby specifying the dollar amount that you expect to receive as settlement. Whip up a demand letter addressed to your insurer and explain the reason you are claiming for such an amount.

Your case, once filed will not move on its own. Do not be too laid back and wait for settlement to arrive. Your voice is important so make it heard. Talk to your adjuster every now and then to make him feel that this is your priority so he should also prioritize it for you. There will be cases that your case for motor vehicle insurance settlement will not have any updates. If you feel that your adjuster is too lax on his job, try to contact the supervisor and see what he can do for you. Make sure that you know what happens at every single step so when final settlement arrives, you are satisfied with the outcome. Remember that it is your concerns that matters most and must be heard. Hire an attorney if you feel that your case lacks the attention it needs.

Filing for a motor vehicle insurance claim is just the first step in a long process. However, it all starts when damages are calculated. Your insurer will consider total loss if the damage cost is more than the fair market value of a car. Make sure that you have a personal mechanic to assess the cost of damage because some insurance companies quote much lower.

Similar to the time when you were just applying for a policy, looking for a car shop that will give you the most discounts also needs quotes you can study. Most insurance companies will of course choose the lowest quote because that would mean savings on their part.