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Things You Need To Know About Modified Car Insurance


Automobile modification is a type of hobby where people modify certain parts of the car to upgrade its performance and make it look more stylish. The auto modification industry is becoming larger than ever owing to the ever-growing number of auto modification hobbyists. However, to some individuals, auto modification is more than just a hobby. They consider it their own unique culture and lifestyle. People have their cars modified in different ways, depending on their intention, income, and individual lifestyle. These auto modification aficionados spend serious cash to “trick out” or “soup up” their precious rides with modifications that sometimes amount to thousands of dollars.

Needless to say, this type of hobby or lifestyle does not come cheap. However, this fact does nothing to stop a lot of people from spending a great deal of time and money for auto modification. It brings them a sense of great pleasure and accomplishment to customize their vehicles, even though they know that the more they modify their car, the more it will cost them if they encounter an auto accident. Every auto modification enthusiast should know the basic facts about modified car insurance, which differs from ordinary car insurance.

Only a handful of auto insurance companies are willing to offer coverage to modified vehicles. Finding coverage for your modified car is not too easy, even at higher rates. A provider can consider giving coverage to cars with a modified body as well as cars with customized video and audio systems.

Cars with modified engines, however, can be a problem to most auto insurance providers. This is because a modified engine accelerates a car’s speed, making it more tempting for a lot of drivers to speed up. This fact can pose a problem when obtaining modified car insurance. You have a lesser chance of getting an insurance policy if your car’s engine is all “souped up.”

Apart from these important factors, auto insurance providers also consider the driver’s risk level when giving modified car insurance. Factors that determine the risk level include the driver’s gender, location, income, credit score, and driving record.

Insurance companies classify modified cars into two types: “show cars” and “street cars.” It is easier to obtain modified car insurance for show cars, since show cars have lower risk level. On the other hand, “street cars” have a very high risk level since a street car has a greater chance of an auto collision.

It might be a bit difficult for modified car aficionados to find a company willing to provide modified auto insurance coverage with affordable rates, but it is possible.