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Modifying Perceptions About Modified Car Insurance


There are a variety of reasons people opt to make changes on their cars. Majority do so because they want to either personalize their vehicles or they simply want to make them appear better. In general, however, vehicle alteration can be quite expensive, and this is why very few people take up this costly hobby. In addition, having an altered car often means getting a modified car insurance which is equally, if not more, expensive.

What actually makes modified car insurance more costly when compared to traditional insurance types is the perception among many insurance firms that altered vehicles are more prone to encountering various vehicular dangers. As such, even if you do get car coverage, your premium rate will be comparatively higher, since most insurers tend to make a headcount on every modification applied on a particular vehicle. More modified features added mean higher premium.

Conversely, some insurance companies may place a lower value on a given vehicle after seeing that several alterations have been made. They see these applied changes as having adverse effects on general vehicle stability. Under such cases, it is your responsibility to tell your prospective insurer that customizing vehicles can have certain beneficial impact on the car, performance-wise. For example, having additional exhaust systems may be frowned upon by many car insurance firms. You can turn this around by presenting extensive research showing that there are positive effects of having an extra exhaust system on your car and explaining these findings in great detail to your insurer.

Another sensitive issue in the modified car insurance business is the accessorizing aspect of vehicle alteration. Adding sophisticated stereo systems or personalized car plates will automatically catch the attention of car thieves, and this is one problem that many auto insurers would rather not deal with. Hence, when getting insurance coverage for your transformed vehicle, you can make it a point to present your data about having an advanced security system which should be sufficient in keeping away potential carnappers.

You can also try looking for companies that specialize in providing modified car insurance. That way, you can look at the various insurance quotes that they offer, and then simply settle for those that can provide extensive coverage, but under more economical terms. If you are unable to find one, you can simply get an insurance quote first before making any desired changes on your vehicle. This will ensure that you make only those modifications that you can afford to pay the premium for.