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Modified Car Insurance May Mean Modified Premium


Making vehicle changes is both tiring and exciting. Exciting because car alteration involves installing or modifying features on your vehicle to better fit your personality and taste, while at the same time, staying within budget constraints; tiring because after making the desired changes, you find that getting modified car insurance is a little more difficult than expected.

Everybody knows that insurance companies avoid dealing with risks, and modified cars are always in their risk list because these are easily among the hottest items in every carnapper’s book. As such, it should not come as a big surprise finding very few insurers willing to offer you modified car insurance.

Blaming these companies is really unnecessary. After all, they are simply playing it safe by avoiding the risks of paying you after filing a claim for a stolen or damaged modified vehicle. Simply put, your work is cut out if you want to avail of specialized auto coverage, although this should not be seen as entirely impossible.

For starters, it is recommended that you find insurers with specializations in providing auto insurance for custom cars. This way, you get accurate and not overpriced quotes.

Talk to these firms in all honesty, discussing with them your car and the installations made so they have a clear idea on how to handle your case accordingly. Try including every bit of information about your vehicle, particularly the modifications that were made or have plans of making.

When negotiating for a good modified car insurance deal, you might get surprised by the high rates that companies may present. This is typical, and your goal should be to convince these insurers to reduce their premium at more affordable levels. To achieve this goal, follow these simple tips:

•    Install several security devices on your car, making it theft-free.

•    Create a secured and enclosed garage for your modified car.

•    Show the insurance provider your car mileage.

•    Try to secure basic car coverage after achieving a no claims bonus status.

Observing these tips will somehow assure insurers that the vehicle is well-protected and will not likely attract thieves. Other than that, exercise effective convincing power so you can negotiate for better coverage terms.

One last advice: consider comparing data on coverage rates for modified car insurance as provided by insurers. Study these rates before executing any modification plans. This way, you would not get shocked at the insurance quotes given afterwards, and realize later on that car alteration is too costly for comfort.