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Learn More About Modified Car Insurance


Auto modification is becoming a very successful industry owing to the growing number of enthusiasts attracted to this lifestyle. These enthusiasts spend serious cash to customize their precious rides. This hobby gives them much gratification despite the fact that the more they spend on modifying their vehicles, the more they have to pay on modified car insurance if their vehicle gets damaged in any way. They know this, but this does not stop them.

Sometimes car owners find it difficult to find an auto or vehicle insurance company that will insure their modified cars, even at higher rates. In case an auto insurance provider considers insuring a modified car, they will usually insure vehicles with modified exteriors and interior entertainment systems. Cars with modified engines, however, have a slim chance of being approved for modified car insurance, since a modified engine means accelerated speed, tempting drivers to speed up while on the road. Drivers have a better chance of getting approved if a vehicle only has small engine modifications.

Aside from these, auto insurance providers also determine the level of risk with the driver of a modified car when providing modified car insurance. Among these factors would include the driver’s gender, income, credit rating, location, driving history and the amount of road violations a driver has received.

Car insurance companies consider two classes of modified cars: “show cars” and “street cars.”     “Show cars” obviously have lower risk. These types of cars can easily get approval for modified car insurance and insurance companies are usually more lenient because of its lower risk. Furthermore, “show cars” are usually stored and protected and therefore not as likely to be vandalized or stolen as “street cars,” making it more favorable among insurance providers.

“Street cars,” on the other hand, have very high risk factors such as auto collisions, theft and vandalism. Because of this, insurance companies charge large premiums for claims. These types of cars are usually driven in illegal street races, hence the name. Since “street cars” are driven in races, it is highly possible that people other than the vehicle owner would be driving the modified car. Moreover, this type of vehicle may not always be in a safe location, therefore having a far greater risk. Car insurance companies generally charge high premiums for these types of vehicles, but most street car enthusiasts are not concerned with costs if their car gets damaged.

If you own a modified car, you might find it a bit difficult to look for an insurance company that will give you coverage and charge affordable premiums, but it is possible.