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Just Finished Auto Modification? Now you Need to Get Modified Car Insurance


Modifying a vehicle is like dressing a child or customizing a web profile. You install what fits your personality, taste, and of course, budget. However, after the gruesome, but exciting changes you made, getting modified car insurance would be a little difficult.

Everybody knows how well insurance companies determine risks, and surely they know that modified cars are some of the most stolen things in the world. Because of this, it should not be surprising to find out that most of the insurance companies you ask will not agree in giving you modified car insurance. They are just playing it safe, avoiding risks of paying you after filing a stolen or totaled car claim. Above anything else, their goal is to make profit, and not pay compensations, though that is what they offer in their deals. Simply put, you definitely have to work hard to avail of auto insurance.

Starting off, it is recommended that you find insurance companies who specialize or have an experience in giving auto insurance for custom cars to avoid getting overpriced rates. Talk to them immediately about the car and the installations made so they know how to handle your case at once. Be sure to be honest with everything that you say, and include in your statement any modifications made or will be made. It would not help if they find out bad things about you, and your deal. It might also cause you higher rates.

While talking about your deal you might get surprised of the very high rates. That is just typical of insurance companies. What you need to do is to make them reduce their price. How to do that? Follow these simple tips:

  • Install security devices and other features that will make your car safe from theft.
  • Provide your car with a secure and closed garage for overnight parking.
  • Give the insurance provider mileage for your car.
  • Try getting the insurance after you have achieved no claims bonus for years.

Using these tips can reduce a fraction of the total premium for modified car insurance. As you can see, all these tips will assure the insurer that the car is in good hands and is not likely to be stolen easily. Your convincing power will also come into play as you negotiate the types of coverage and the price.

One last thing, just an advice: compare data or coverage rates on modified car insurance even before the modification so you would not get shocked of the insurance prices afterwards, and realize everything before it is too late.