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How to Get Cheap Modified Car Insurance Rates?


Regular auto insurance is always available for car owners because it is required by the law. May it be old, used, or brand new; an owner still needs to insure his vehicle, following the minimum requirements of the law and state. However, if it is a modified car, then the process will be more complicated. Seeking modified car insurance is not an easy job, especially if you have made overwhelming installations and changes. Insurance companies assume that there is a higher possibility for the owner to file a claim because of theft, vandalism, or car accident so they would do everything to avoid issuing coverage to custom cars. What should you do then? These are some helpful suggestions for you to avail cheap modified car insurance:

•    More powerful engines mean higher rates. Understand how companies think. If they see an induction kit in your engine, they will be concerned about the price they have to pay in case you have an accident. If you are still planning to modify your car, then you might as well go away with engine upgrades because practically they will not do you any good except if you are a show-off.

•    Insurance companies may give a lower insurance rate if there are only external changes such as installation of spoiler, alloy wheels, and paint. Still, the less change you will make, the lower your premium.

•    Make sure to have a personal garage to keep your car. Open parking would only increase the risks of your car getting stolen.

•    Security installations might serve you well. Unlike other modifications given, security installations can lower the chances of theft or vandalism – helping you find more affordable rates.

•    Wait for a certain period where you have already gained a no claims bonus before applying for modified car insurance to guarantee your insurers that your custom car is in safe hands.

•    You may also compare potential insurance prices before the modification, so you would not get any nasty surprises about the cost afterwards.  If you discovered that you cannot afford your possible insurance then do not go on with the modification.

•    Most importantly, be honest. Keep your insurers updated on every single change you will do. You would not want additional rate increase and penalties if they find out your secret.

Those are just some of the tips an owner should consider if he is planning for a modification. Car modification is an interesting and rewarding experience for an owner, but it should be done with preparation for possible consequences – and one of them is applying for modified car insurance for your vehicle.