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Guide to Modified Car Insurance


A lot of men want to modify a few parts of their cars and customize them to their desire. This is where modified car insurance enters. In the end, whether a car is modified or not, it still needs an insurance coverage. As usual, an insurance company will still analyze the profile of the person who wants to get a policy. Age will still be a great factor for determination of your premiums. In addition, driving history is also another factor to consider. This means they will be looking into your driving history and traffic violations which you have encountered, if ever there are. The mileage that you have in addition to location of where you live will also be considered. As always, a positive score in your credit rating will help you a lot.

When considering a modified car insurance policy, companies also have to look into the way your car is modified and the purpose for modifications. Car modifications are grouped into two. There are modified street racing cars and show cars. Show cars are owned by hobbyists who like to fix cars and showcase it for enjoyment. These kinds of cars are seen as low risk vehicles because they do not have high mileages. If ever they are driven, they are kept at a slow pace.

In addition, show cars have less possibility of being stolen because they are kept really safe.

Racing vehicles, alternatively, are a perfect contrast. These cars have a lot of risk. They are driven at roadrunner speeds, making them a lot more risky. They can also be stolen. This ultimately results into a higher rate for people who own race cars. As usual, the risk factor is proportional to premium rate.

A provider of modified car insurance will really be grateful if you disclose all information pertaining to modifications done on your vehicle. Some owners might choose to keep them for the purpose of lowering rates. However, when the time for a claim comes, this might disqualify your chances. You will have the potential to lose all your coverage. Even though modifications are done after insurance is bought, it is still wise to talk to your providers about it.

A modified car insurance policy is actually a special kind of insurance. However, basically, it is determined the same way as others.  Likewise you would be better off looking for multiple insurance companies for your quotes. Request for a few and review them. You may be taken unprepared by the amount of savings you will be making.