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Consider Modified Car Insurance before Customizing Your Car


For some people, especially men, they dream of car customization even before they get their own car. The minute it becomes a reality, they get excited to change a few things here and there like changing rims, repainting with another color, and adding spoilers. The possibilities are endless. The excitement, however, wavers once modified car insurance enters the picture.

Before spending a lot of money in customizing your car, study your options for modified car insurance first. Sometimes, modifying your car might mean more disadvantages than benefits. Most people fall into this trap after a few items have already been changed. What they do not know is that most insurance companies are wary of customized vehicles because the risk factors are generally increased. Here are some reasons, in case you want to ask why:

1.    Especially for new cars, warranty is lost for all accessories that come with it;

2.    The indemnity contract with the dealership is automatically voided; and

3.    The car becomes more capable – to be driven faster, for instance – thus, there is more risk.

With this in mind, buying a modified car insurance policy may prove to be challenging because face it, you might not be able to get one at all. Insurers are wary of fast and able cars because of the high risk. Remember that insurance companies consider risk as the first and foremost factor in quoting an applicant. It is either you will never be able to buy one or you will have to pay higher premiums and higher deductibles. There are a few providers who might be willing to cover you.

Fret not, there is still hope. Sometimes, you just need to prove to your agent that you are still worthy to be covered with modified car insurance. It is true that you just created something that is susceptible to accidents, losses or even theft, but you can prove that these things are also avoidable, or at least minimized. On top of changes you made, even out the risk by improving vehicle performance that will avoid road accidents, and maintaining a reliable system for safety and security.

You can do this by having or renting a secured garage and installing car alarm systems & safety accessories like airbags. Most probably, you will be interviewed and have to plead your case before you will be presented with a quote. You need to convince the company that there will be little or no risks involved because looking at all other factors, you and your car are fairly safe, especially once on the road.