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Be Budget Conscious – Bargain For Cheap Modified Car Insurance With Your Insurers


Although your insurance provider has the final say when it comes to your premium rates, you do have the power to bargain with them. No, it is not very hard to convince your insurers to give you better rates even if you are driving a modified car. You just have to carry the right bargaining chips with you when you ask your insurers for cheap modified car insurance.

Before you attempt to bargain for better terms with your insurance service providers, know the risk factors first. If your car modifications are extensive and it revs up the horse power of your automobile, your risk level goes up and so does your premiums. On the other hand, if you include security measures such as fitting lock wheel nuts to alloy wheels or installing an alarm system on your automobile, your risk level will likely go down and so does your premium rates. Minor modifications that do not affect the overall functionality of the car may not affect coverage cost so you need not worry about paying additional amount to get your car covered.

The kind of car that you drive dictates the price of your coverage. Generally, insurers classify cars according to their price tags, model, horse power, mileage and built. When it comes to modified cars, most insurers group these cars into two main categories namely, show cars and street race cars. As a rule of thumb, low risk, low mileage modified vehicles usually fall within the show car group while those high powered street race cars belong to the high risk group.

If you drive a street race car, it may be a bit more difficult for you to get cheap car insurance. Why? Insurance companies are wary of high risk vehicles. Moreover, most race vehicles come with expensive price tags and are more likely to attract the attention of thieves than ordinary cars so insurers naturally do not offer cheap modified car insurance to this group. On the other hand, if you belong to the low risk group, you not have much trouble getting that much coveted cheap modified car insurance especially if you only made minor adjustments to your car.

Aside from knowing the risk factors, you should also be mindful of your driving records and your credit scores when bargaining for cheap modified car insurance with your coverage providers. Insurers love prudent and careful drivers so prove to them that you belong to this group and get huge premium discounts.

Do insurance providers give discounts to seniors? As a rule of thumb, drivers do not get discounts by virtue of their age so forget about senior’s discounts.