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Why Truck Insurance is Different from Car Insurance


A common misconception is that all road vehicles, small and large, can be insured in the same way and manner. This conclusion, however, is far from the truth. Unlike ordinary cars, big trucks carry huge and oftentimes hazardous cargo. This makes truck insurance quite expensive compared to ordinary auto insurance. Freight companies use trucks to transport important products and resources from one place to another.

Another reason why truck insurance is expensive is because of the trucks’ size. Big rigs are essentially wrecking balls on wheels. Unlike small cars, commercial trucks weigh much more and are less maneuverable. They also cannot stop as quickly as ordinary cars. Their length and height also makes them more difficult to drive. As a result, they are more costly to insure.

The cargo that big rigs carry also affect how much truck insurance will cost. Some commercial trucks are more expensive to insure than other big rigs simply because of the cargo and materials they carry. Large tankers, for example, may carry hazardous and toxic materials. If these types of trucks get involved in accidents, there is a huge potential for ecologic disasters or worse, fatalities. Insurance providers have to consider these and factor these into truck premiums.

When large trucks get into accidents, there is a higher possibility of serious injuries and even fatalities. The trucks’ mass and size makes for a potential car pile-up and multiple vehicle crash. Insurance companies also have to consider the damage that out-of-control trucks can generate. On top of that, providers also have to cover the driver and the freight company against any liabilities that may arise from any accident.

The truck driver’s history and driving record will also come into play whenever insurers have to come up with truck insurance rates. Drivers of big rigs are usually held to a higher degree of responsibility than ordinary motorists. Because the lives of other motorists lie in how they perform as drivers of large trucks, these drivers are subject to stricter insurance standards.

Despite the apparent disadvantage of trucks against cars regarding insurance, companies can find relief in knowing that they can avail of large discounts and save thousands of dollars every year. Most insurance providers offer discounts to companies that purchase multiple policies for their vehicles. In addition, business owners can compare quotes online and select the best policies suited for their needs. Finding the right insurance for big rigs need not be difficult or too costly. Doing proper research before deciding on a provider will help save money and time.