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Saving Up? Go for Low Cost Car Insurance with High Quality


Who says all things cheap are bound to have low quality? Consumers will only have to know where and how to look, in order to get low cost car insurance with high quality.

Insurance applicants must understand that there are several factors affecting cost of auto insurance. This is good news, since it means that there are several elements that may be manipulated to the consumers’ advantage. These factors matter when applying for car insurance because they could drive down premiums or cost of policies to shoot up:

  • What kind of vehicle you own.
  • Where you live.
  • How often you drive.
  • Who you are.

The kind of vehicle being driven is the most important consideration for auto insurance companies because the value of the car dictates its potential to be stolen or damaged on the road. A Lamborghini sports car will surely cost more insurance than a Ford truck, so when driving the former, expect premiums to skyrocket. The area or location of residence also matters greatly. If a neighborhood has high crime rates, you would pay a steep price for insurance coverage. The number of times a car is driven during the week gives insurance companies an idea of how often you are exposed to road risks. The lesser you drive, the better it is for them because you are at risk for a lesser period of time. Finally, profile is clincher for premium costs. Are you a woman driver with a spotless record? Are you a convicted felon starting a new life? Who you are will determine the rates assigned to you.

Working these Factors to Your Advantage

If you are worried that these factors would work against you, think again. Do not waste time by believing you cannot avail of low cost car insurance coverage because it is possible. All it takes is to keep the factors in mind when contemplating insurance.

Insurance 101: How to Get Low Cost Car Insurance

First Tip. If still looking for the right car, make sure to buy a car deemed to be ‘safe’ by insurance companies. It is even possible to ask them for a list and pick a car from their choices.

Second Tip. Be brazen and bold enough to ask for discounts. As a rule in Economics, insurance companies do not offer promotional packages or discounted rates right off the bat. Ask them for updates on current offers. This way, you do not miss out on great deals.

Third and Final Tip. Be an intelligent and responsible driver. Even if you have poor driving record now, commit to improve it. This will enable you to bargain for a lower premium.