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Low Cost Car Insurance – What Every Car Owner Should Know


Getting a low cost car insurance rate involves understanding of how insurance companies think.  Car owners should be aware about what factors are involved and how they can affect their premiums.  Insurance companies are usually hesitant to tell clients everything they need to know, so if you would like to know more about these factors, it would be best if you read on.

First, realize that not all the big, popular insurance companies offer the best deals.  Experienced car owners know this, and that is why they often look around for smaller competitors.  You will soon find out that it is usually smaller companies who can offer better-priced premiums.  They need to be able to compete with bigger players, hence the competitive prices.

The next thing to know is that your credit report affects insurance premiums, too.  Make a habit of paying off credit card debts, loans, and mortgages in a timely manner.  The excellent credit score you will get out of this will affect your insurance risk score.  Insurance companies will then see you as a low-risk client, so they will be happy to offer low cost car insurance than what others normally pay for.

Your age is another factor when shopping around for great deals on your car insurance.  If you are a middle-aged driver, you would be in luck.  Have you noticed that insurance companies always ask if you are older than 25 years?  This is because teenagers are considered “high risk” than middle-aged car owners are.

Another fact is that married people are more likely to get better deals than singles.  Insurance companies follow statistics, and statistics tell them that teenagers and single people are the ones most likely to get involved in vehicular accidents. If you belong to that high-risk group, you will find it almost impossible to get lower rates.

Timing is also important when looking for low cost car insurance quotes. You can find good deals in the middle of December and all throughout January.  This is the time when competition among insurance companies is at its peak.  You will notice that when one insurance company offers a good deal to attract potential clients, others will follow and even offer better, lower-priced rates.

Finding low cost car insurance should not be a difficult task, if you know what you are doing.  The important thing to remember is that bigger companies do not always mean better offers.  Moreover, try to maintain a good credit score, and take into account your age.  These are important things to consider when you want to get the best quotes.