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Low Cost Car Insurance for Your Vehicle


Before you drive your dream car, consider the reports and statistics that usually affect rates so you can take advantage of low cost car insurance to go with your vehicle. There is an organization called Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI) that analyzes how much an insurance company charges on premiums for comprehensive, collision, and personal injury based on the model and make of a car or vehicle. This group is supported by insurers that you can say are considered reliable according to their data.

If you are after low cost car insurance, you might want to consider a four-door sedan versus its two-door counterpart. The former has 93% less chance of being stolen because claims are relatively less. Two-door cars like the Chevrolet Corvette are five times more likely to be taken by thieves. For instance, a Toyota Celica is prone to theft 67% more than the Camry. Basically, if your purchased car is included in the high claims for theft cases, expect that you will not have low cost car insurance premiums to deal with. The lists of cars change each year, but a pattern has been recorded. The following are usually a favorite for thieves: Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Ford F150 and Acura Integra among others. Older models like the Buick LeSabre are recorded as cheap in theft claims so these are considerations, too.

Moreover, there are statistics on bodily injury claims that can affect your premium rate. The cost of repairing a damaged car and the available safety features greatly affect how much the claim is for bodily injuries or deaths. Therefore, the design of the car and how it is able to survive a crash test will define if you are eligible for low cost car insurance. Even if the car is included in the list of high risk vehicles, you can actually lessen its risk by following this four-layered approach to securing your car: a) having common sense, b) installing a warning device, c) having an immobilizing mechanism, and d) installing a tracking tool. The HLDI lists large vehicles like pick-up trucks and sports utility vehicles as having the lowest injury claims while two-door sports cars often claim for expensive injury costs.

It will be a responsible step on your part to do your research beforehand. Buying a new car entails so much more than just signing a contract and paying for its monthly dues. Sure, cheaper insurance looks promising than buying one that suits your car model and your needs. However, you do not want to pay extra for damages because your insurance cannot cover everything in case of an accident.