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Low Cost Car Insurance for Teenagers


Teenagers have a bigger possibility of getting higher car insurance rates because they are considered a high-risk group. They lack driving experience because they have not been driving that long. All things considered, it may be difficult to get low-cost insurance for a teenager, but there are ways to get it anyway.

Convince your teenaged son or daughter to drive a smaller car with no modifications or just a few. Expensive vehicles will prove not only more expensive to buy, but also to insure. Let your teenager drive only cars with plenty of safety features – safety belts and airbags are a must. Insurance companies will feel the risks will be reduced with these safety features on.

Do not buy your teenager a sports car. Once the insurer learns this, you can automatically say goodbye to lower rates. Always remind your teenager that avoiding accidents and tickets will get you cheaper rates. A spotless driving record is always an advantage.

It would be better if you can get your child to go to driving school before getting a license. Insurers could feel more confident in the driving skills of a young driver if he or she had undergone driving lessons from a professional driving instructor. Insurers could give you a 20-percent discount based on this. There are other discounts that may apply to teenagers, including one for attending school.

If you are no longer a teenager but below 25, single and male, car insurers would not touch you with a 10-foot pole if they do not have to. This age bracket is known to be reckless, and that includes driving a car. However, t when they get married, many become more safety-conscious for fear of leaving their wives and children should something happen to them.  Insurance companies see this and they will be more willing to give a person under the age of 25 lower insurance rates.

If you have done everything you possibly could to minimize your insurance costs, maybe you could get a comprehensive car insurance. This will add to your expenses, but if your teenager is prone to accidents, comprehensive car insurance may save you money and a lot of worries in the long run.