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Hunting Down Low Cost Car Insurance Quotes


Getting low cost car insurance quotes can sometimes be tricky as it can involve understanding how insurance providers think. Same as in chess or in poker, if you are capable of reading your opponent’s mind or at least be able to follow and understand his thought process, then you can better prepare for his next move and you can better plan your own strategies. In buying auto policies, one of the best ways to take advantage of low cost car insurance quotes is to know how companies compute their rates and understand the various factors that are involved in determining premium charges. There are insurance companies who are typically hesitant to inform prospective clients everything they should know, so it is up to you to do your homework and find out how providers come up with the figures they charge you for insuring your vehicle. Here are a few things that drivers need to know before they start searching for auto policy quotations.

First, forget the notion that big, highly advertised, and very popular insurance agencies offer the best deals there is because, more often than not, this is not true. Experienced drivers are aware of this, and they search for smaller providers who may not be that well know, but offers excellent service and remarkable value for money. Smaller companies who can offer more competitive rates are like rare gems that need to be found. Since they need to compete with the big players, they play the market by offering more competitive premiums.

Second, regardless of news reports mushrooming all over saying that using a person’s credit report in computing rates is unfair and is banned in certain states, the truth is your credit report can still affect how companies compute your insurance premiums. Of course, paying off credit card bills, debts, and loans should be done not only in the name of low cost car insurance quotes, but also in the spirit of being a good borrower. They may not admit it but certain providers consider individuals with excellent credit ratings as low-risk clients and are therefore awarded with very good insurance risk score.

Third, try to remember that age does matter when looking for low cost car insurance quotes. The best time to apply for auto insurance is when you are middle aged, a few years older than 25. Teenagers who are lucky enough to own cars in such a young age may pay more expensive premium rates. Most companies consider anyone below 25 young and risky so it is best to stay away from the high-risk group and purchase policies after your 26th or 27th birthday.