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Driving Dangerously? Get Your High Risk Auto Insurance Quote Fast!


You love living dangerously, and think that a few misdemeanors are good for the adventurous soul. Like an artist living “La vie Boheme,” playing and taunting with risks is what fuels your passion for life.

This kind of passion, however, comes with a hefty price tag, especially if you are applying for car insurance. The common impression is that being fast and furious means that your insurance premium must be roaring expensive. Thus, getting a high risk auto insurance quote is such a dread since the premium might be too big to handle. The inevitable result is that you are left with no choice, but to accept the high price and pay up.

Are you a High-risk Driver?

Before you look for the perfect high risk auto insurance quote for you, there is a need to determine if your adventurous streak is indeed categorized as high-risk driving behavior. Insurance companies delineate high-risk drivers as individuals who:

  • Have had three (3) or more convictions or guilty pleas;
  • Have had a conviction or pleaded “no-contest” in a Drinking Under the Influence (DUI) charge, in a hit-and-run driving charge, and in a vehicular negligence charge within twelve (12) months after application;
  • Have a DUI record;
  • Have incurred gaps in premiums;
  • Have just gotten their license to drive (usually teenage drivers);
  • Have been involved in several automobile accidents, regardless whose fault they were;
  • Work and drive in urban areas;
  • Have shady credit history; and
  • Have had speeding tickets under your name.

If you fit one or two of the descriptions above, then you will most likely be classified as a high-risk driver, and would indeed have to deal with an incredible high risk auto insurance quote.

Get Quoted Online

There are several insurance companies who maintain web addresses where you could get a high risk auto insurance quote instantly. As soon as you fill out the online form with all the questions answered properly, you will get the necessary feedback on your application in a matter of minutes. Most clients prefer to get quotes online, because it affords the applicant an objective assessment and some form of anonymity.

Be Mindful of Your Record

Even if you are classified as a high-risk driver, your record could improve, and over time, you could get lower premium rates. For example, if you have had two (2) speeding tickets, but have maintained flawless credit record, point this out to the insurance company. They would surely give you lower premiums because your credit record is better than others.