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How to Get Instant Car Insurance Quotes


Car insurance quotes from various insurance companies are your best tools for getting the best deals on your car insurance. With the advent of the Internet, it is now possible to get an instant car insurance quote online.

Take note that instant car insurance quotes are mere estimates of what you will need to pay for car insurance. Although, most of the time, insurance agents will honor the quoted price, if you have provided complete and honest information on the form they provided. Still, it is best to keep in mind that the quoted price should merely serve as guidance and is not set in stone. However, it is rare, and may be illegal to lure potential customers with a lower-priced quote and sell them a higher priced one for no particular reason, even if they have filled out the form completely and honestly.

To get the most accurate instant car insurance quotes, you will need to know what you want first: Are you looking for full coverage or minimum liability? Add-ons? Deductibles? You should also have your personal information handy before you go online. Typically, a Web site offering instant car insurance quotes will be asking for your drivers' license number, name, address, accident and citation histories, along with your vehicle's identification number, year, make, model and license plate number.

Now you can go online and look for Web site providing instant car insurance quotes. Google should be able to give you a good numbered list of such Web sites. You could also get the quote via a more traditional way: the Yellow Pages. Call up the companies listed under the auto section. Look for companies with ads announcing that they offer instant car quotes and call them up.

A more recent advancement has been to get instant car insurance quote via your mobile phone.

Be sure, however, to get more than just one quote from more than one company. In fact, gather as many free quotes as possible. This is to make sure that you get the best deal on both coverage and price. Also, instant car insurance quotes are typically provided by brokers. If you have a specific insurance company in mind, you might get a better price if you contact them directly to cut off the extra price levied by the middleman. Lastly, check your state's laws to ensure that you are adequately protected or that your quote fulfills the minimum legal requirements for either registering your vehicle or driving it.