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Who Qualifies On High Risk Auto Insurance?


Car insurance is about covering for risks surrounding a vehicle when it is out on the road. Insurance premiums are calculated mainly based on risk. Higher risk means greater chances of figuring in an accident, and therefore also greater chances of getting claims from an insurance company.

High risk auto insurance is something that drivers want to avoid if they can. As much as possible, they want to pay a low premium only. However, some people will have to buy this type of insurance because of their personal circumstances, so it is good to know who qualifies when getting a high risk auto insurance.

The first qualifiers are the teenagers. Their age (16 to 20 years old) automatically puts them under high risk because of a lack of experience in driving. Most of their experiences are contained inside a driving school. They may have aced theoretical exams, but it will be a different ballgame once they go out in the streets already. Teenagers are also generally more aggressive. They enjoy revving and speeding up and are more prone to accidents this way.

Old folks are also considered high risk. They are usually those aged 70 and above. They may be driving for many decades already, but their age has significantly weakened their reflexes. It is possible that their hearing is a little impaired already or their sense of sight a little blurry. That puts them on high risk when driving on their own. Insurance companies have to make allowances on a high premium for them.

What about the middle aged? Are they automatically disqualified from high risk auto insurance? The truth is they can still be charged with a high premium pending a background check on them. Insurance companies will review their driving history and the cars they drive.

One factor they consider is the DUI (driving under influence) records. Examples are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. A driver with a past DUI case is considered high risk on the road. His premium will only be lowered if he will not make any traffic violations for at least one year.

An SUV car owner also qualifies as high risk. This is because an SUV car is bigger than ordinary cars and poses a certain extent of danger on the streets.

Finally, a person who is not exactly a teenager, but is a newbie in driving will also qualify in high risk auto insurance. He is likened to a teenager with hardly any practical experience on the road. He has a big probability of also getting into an accident.