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When Do You Qualify For High Risk Auto Insurance?


Auto insurance is an important item when you own a vehicle. Not only because it protects you from liability or financial obligation when there are road accidents but also because it is required by the law. If you are caught without it, you will be penalized.

The law requires you to get at least the liability coverage so that when you cause injury to a person on the road, you can pay for their medical expenses. The problem faced by most drivers, however, is that providers can be strict when you apply for auto insurance. This is because they take into consideration the risk they have in providing financial assistance. This is the reason why they require driver’s record and medical records to evaluate such risk. If the company finds that the person is “high risk” or has tendency to violate traffic on the road, then the company may think twice in granting a policy. But is there hope for such drivers? How will you know that you are high risk?

Fortunately, there are companies who provide high risk auto insurance. You would know if you need to buy high risk auto insurance if:

Your license has been suspended and you need to get SR-22 policy. This policy verifies to the state that you have the minimum liability insurance after you have made grave violation on the road or have been found out to have no auto insurance. Simply put, you just recently meet an accident and the state requires that you get SR-22 policy as your auto insurance.

You have made traffic violations or accidents, which leave you with unfavourable driving record. In the point of view of the provider, you are high risk driver because you have not been cautious with your driving and may have the tendency to do it again. It puts them at risk of always paying for the damages and liabilities.

Your age is at 20 years or below. This means that you may not have enough experience in driving, unless you provide a driving class certificate. Some high risk auto insurance providers give discounts to those who can provide such certificate.

You are 70 years old or have health problems such as poor eyesight and other related medical history. Again, providers may think twice in your application but the providers who offer high risk auto insurance take into consideration such condition of drivers.

High risk insurance is most of the time costly because it incorporates the risks by the insurers. However, you can also get a good deal when you make comparison shopping.